I'm laura, i'm 18 and i like young guns. i paint a lot, i take shitloads of photos, and i love editing. i'm an aspiring music journalist. i also adore travelling.

i post a lot of personal rants as well. be aware of that.
Anonymous said: You are the one here who changed her url becouse is was something like gustav fuckung wood. so who is the fangirl here? pleas don't judge people becouse they love the band that saved their lives.

hey anonymous. there are a few things that i’d like to point out to you.

 firstly, my old URL. that was purely down to my distinct lack of imagination. nothing sexual. nothing fangirly. i just wanted a change, and couldn’t think of anything other than that. why do you think i changed it? of course i thought it looked fucking stupid.

secondly, how can i be a fangirl if i don’t find the band attractive, and use stupid phrases like, “omg, get int my bed”, or deliberately go to their shows wearning next to nothing? it bugs me when people view grown men in such a sexual light, rather than focusing on the people behind the music, and their amazing talent. that’s the point that i try to put across. face it, you’re always going to come across people with opinions that you might not agree with.

thirdly, i’d never judge people for loving a band that has saved their lives. i’m merely judging the people that cross the line when it comes to these bands by flirting and generally being slutty around them.

lastly, young guns have saved my life. thanks to them, i’ve made some awesome friends and have so much to look forward to. so i’ve been there, done that. without a certain band, i wouldn’t be able to go to all these amazing places, and finally meet some of my friends in europe. without them, giving me hope, i’d still be sleeping with an exit bag in my bed, ‘just for when i felt like it’. i sure as hell wouldn’t condemn someone for looking up to a band. but i would condemn people who can only focus on how a band LOOK, rather than how they SOUND or how they treat their fans.

so, anonymous, i don’t know whether you’ve misunderstood something i’ve said, but i hope i’ve cleared all this up for you. because i do think you’ve taken a few things i’ve said way out of context.

If you refer to a band as, ‘my boys’, or, ‘my babies’, or, ‘my husbands’, I’m going to judge you. Harshly.

Booked my flight to Warsaw for Young Guns. I really need a job or Zurich may not happen (it will one way or another though, always find a way in the end!). Still got a shit tonne of things to book and it’s stressin’ me out.

I really think slash fics are disgusting and insanely disrespectful. No matter how well they’re written, I can’t help but question what kind of sad, depraved, perverted idiot has written such smut.

Just putting that out there. Go on, hate me.

Here’s some of my favourite ones and why.

McFly (Oct 5th 2005)
This was my first gig, so it obviously holds a special place in my heart. Not many people can say that their first gig was when they were 11. The stage setup was amazing. They had an orchestra, UV paint and Wonderland style graphics.

Fall Out Boy (Oct 21st 2008)
Simply because I saw FOB at their last ever Glasgow gig. The lineup was also amazing (YMAS & Boys Like Girls). It was nice to see You Me At Six before they got all famous. And Fall Out Boy were just mind blowing.

Lostprophets (Feb 18th 2010)
This was my first time I saw both Lostprophets and Kids In Glass Houses. It really gave me a taste for going to gigs on a regular basis.

Lostprophets (Aug 23rd 2010)
This was the first time I ever saw Young Guns - I never knew how much I’d grow to love them. Not to mention, it was lovely seeing Lostprophets in a relatively small venue, for them, anyway.

Francesqa (Feb 17th 2011)
This was an incredible show. They had an amazing band called, ‘Call Me Ishmael’, supporting. It was lovely to go to a really relaxed, chilled gig. This was where I discovered King Tut’s - one of Glasgow’s finest venues.

Young Guns (Sep 10th 2011)
This was a truly amazing day. It was great to meet Young Guns properly, not just at a signing. Their set was mindblowing (Bones, BIA, After The War, Sons of Apathy), and basically consisted of all my favourites. And I sustained my first gig injury - a sprained ankle.

Kids In Glass Houses (Oct 6th 2011)
This gig was just made because of the stage setup and the attention to detail. It pretty much descended into an underground 90’s rave in the middle section with the UV paint and tribal drums. Unforgettable.

Architects (Dec 14th 2011)
This band are one of the strongest live acts I’ve ever come across. And I remember using my review of this as an example of my writing at my university interview. Not to mention, I saw Heights and Deaf Havana for the first time.

Young Guns (Feb 11th 2012)
This was my first time travelling a little further afield to see this band. I saw them in Brighton and since then, I’ve developed a bit of a taste for travelling to see them in other cities. That was the rowdiest YG crowd I’ve ever been in.

Enter Shikari (Mar 23rd 2012)
I went to London to see this band on my 18th birthday. Admittedly, I initially was only going for Young Guns. But their light show fucking blew me away. One of the most mental gigs I have ever been to. But the venue was seriously bizarre.

Young Guns (again) (Mar 25th 2012)
This was the perfect end to the perfect birthday weekend. I spent a day in the best company ever, and Marmozets kindly gave us a couple of cans. Their set was mindblowing. I must have met YG on 3 separate occasions that day, and chatted for ages with Fraser. I have such fond memories of Southampton.

Korn (Mar 29th 2012)
For any nu-metal fan, Korn are one of THE bands you must see. This band pay so much attention to tiny details in terms of their stage setup. Their performance was flawless.

Deaf Havana (Apr 20th 2012)
Last one. I enjoyed this gig so much because I’ve never seen a band that could move me to tears before, and Deaf Havana did just that. By the end, I was a blubbering wreck. James Veck-Gilodi is one of the very few great singers that can also hold their own when playing live.

Bit long, but I got bored and decided to do this.

here are a couple of my drawings.

If anyone wants to inbox me some Gustache, I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks. :D

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